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Welcome to Making Moves, the premier war room-style network for leaders and future leaders of Montgomery County dedicated to strategizing business operations within the community. We're delighted that you want to be a part of our mission to drive positive impact.


Please take a moment to read and understand our terms and conditions.

Membership Qualifications:

1. Eligibility: To become a member of Making Moves, you must already be actively engaged in something beneficial for our Montgomery County community. This can include owning a business, being a highly motivated entrepreneur, or receiving an invitation to one of our meetings.

2. RSVP and Attendance: Once you RSVP for one of our meetings, it is imperative that you attend. If you RSVP and fail to show up without a valid reason, you will not qualify to RSVP for one full year.

3. Reason for RSVP Policy: We hold our members to high standards of dedication, reliability, and accountability. Trust is fundamental in our network, and we believe that strong business relationships start with honoring commitments. Failure to do so affects our trust in your dedication to our cause.

4. Multiple No-Shows: If you fail to attend two consecutive meetings (two years in a row) without valid reasons, you will not be invited back to the network. Please ensure your convictions align with our expectations before RSVPing.

Membership Rules:

1. Confidentiality: Members are bound by strict confidentiality rules. What is discussed in the war room stays in the war room. Sharing sensitive information outside the network is strictly prohibited.

2. Meeting Attendance: Members must attend the monthly meetings regularly. In case of a serious event affecting the entire community, members are expected to prioritize emergency meetings, and we will conduct these efficiently.

3. No Public Shaming: We uphold a culture of respect and positive interaction among members. Public shaming, disparagement, or negative remarks about fellow members are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule may result in membership termination.

4. Avoid Personal Agendas: Making Moves is dedicated to strengthening the network and the community. Personal political and religious agendas are strictly prohibited within the group. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy for divisive speech or behavior.


Emergency Exceptions:

In exceptional circumstances, such as personal emergencies, members with established credibility within the group may be exempted from certain rules. However, consistent unreliability may lead to a review of your membership.


Membership Fees and Support:

Membership fees are not required at this time, but we encourage members to contribute financially to support the growth and operations of Making Moves. Paying membership fees is essential to sustaining the network. You are also welcome to recommend friends and family who share our mission and values to join our community.


Our Mission and Values:

This group is built on honor and respect for one another. Our mission is to elevate all those who are motivated to make a positive impact on ourselves, those around us, and our community. We aim to reach out as far as we can with good business and community relations, fostering growth, collaboration, and positive impact in our lives and our community.

Making Moves reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions as necessary, and members will be informed of any changes in advance.

Thank you for your dedication to the success and growth of our community through Making Moves. Together, we will make a difference!

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